FightingEMU2012Watch my intro video on the way different companies sell T-Shirt printing services. It’s free!

Printing T-Shirts is easy, it’s the sales that are hard.

I’ve created a video package to help screen and shirt printers end the frustration of low sales. Now you can learn how to evaluate the successful models, and see which fits your business best. Many of my consulting clients were able to make small changes to their business model, and profits increases. In fact, I promise that if you watch these videos, you’ll learn how to:

* Add services that bring in more business,
* Increase your key selling advantage so that you take business from your competition,
* Reduce wasted services that don’t add to your key selling advantage,
* Eliminate processes that are not important to your customers – but are adding to your costs.

All in all, your printing business will be more profitable by choosing a business model that best fits your advantages. This includes case studies from CafePress, Vistaprint, Underground Printing, CreateMyTee, Custom Ink, OOshirts, YR Shirts and many more. See how the profitable players have carved out a profitable niche … and so can you.

The Profitable Printer (on sale in July 2014) … $199

Thanks Eric