Live Onsite Screen Printing allows your guests to have fun, try a new skill, and leave with a memory of your event.

While you can buy promotional items, they have less meaning without an experience. When your guests print their own shirt, bag or promotional item, the experience adds meaning and value for your guest. Thus making the printed item – sticky – likely to be kept for years.


Learn how you can schedule an onsite screen printing event.

How it works …
For T-Shirt printing, we set-up a screen press at your event or location. We can either print while your guests watch, or teach them to print their own shirt. It’s an experience that they’ll talk about every time they wear the shirt – that THEY printed.

A few things to know …
Because you are trying to maximize the value for each guest, you want to make sure the shirt is not cheap or scratchy. When the guest prints their own shirt, we give them a few test tries on testing sheets. This reduces your cost. However, we suggest using a better quality shirt for the event. This means the guest will keep the shirt, even if the design is simple.

And speaking of design …
One color designs work well as each guest can have success quickly. If you want other colors in the design, it adds to the printing time, but also the excitement as each person sees the design come to life – one color at a time.

Thus, a balance should be struck between the excitement of a multi-color design and handling a large crowd.

Pricing for onsite printing with guest printing option …
For the first four hours of your event, it’s
– $1,500 for up to 50 guests using our best T-Shirts (~$30 per shirt).
– $800 for up to 50 guests using our mid range T-Shirts (~$16 per shirt).
– $650 for up to 50 guests using our budget T-Shirts (~$13 per shirt).
Each additional hour is $120.

Shirt sizes are dependent on your guest makeup. Normally we’ll have kids sizes up to 5xl. Infant and sizes larger than 5xl can be specified at no additional charge. If all the shirts are bigger then 2xl, then there is a fee for the larger distribution. That will be calculated in a custom quote.

Set-up, clean-up and design services are included.

Direct Sales – this is a option where the event organizer just wants onsite printing, but the customer will pay for the shirt. In this case, we collect the funds for each shirt, and the event is only responsible for the time minimum of $400 less any sales at 50%. So … a four hour event where the sales are $800 would cost the event nothing.

Birthday party and small events. …
For smaller events, you can hire us for $400 plus the cost per shirt printed above. Normally this is for a two hour event.

Drive time …
All the above prices assume Washtenaw county.

To book and event or talk further, email