When I was a little boy, I sat in art class, like many days before. But today was clay-day!

The next week,  I came home with my, fresh from the kiln, and painted works of art – three dinosaurs. They’ve broken over time and been long lost. But my mother was amazed that day, not by my art, but by the note from the art teacher.

You see, for a third-grader to make three dinosaurs with such detail was rare. The art teacher recognized talent. But talent is really an illusion. It takes many years to become “talented.” That fateful day changed my life. From then on, birthday gifts were clay, paint and art supplies.

I still love working with clay, color and contrast.

Hope you enjoy my art as much as I like making it. Never stop playing with crayons – most restaurants give you them for free. Color, draw, and when you can, make art from your mashed-potatoes.

Eric Tobler