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Design Service Pricing means the price to design the shirts, buttons, mugs, pens, drink-wear or your custom item. Here’s how I do it.

Let’s use the example of a t-shirt.

First I research your customers, users, employees, friends and fans. That gives me basic information about what they like, buy and wear in a tee shirt. Using that information, I generate graphic ideas that they would respond to on a tshirt.

Also, I get data on what that t-shirt design would sell for and where it would be purchased. That way, we can see how that shirt competes with other clothing in their closet. After all, we want them to wear your T most often.

This design includes ink selection that your intended wearer will respond to and like. Basically, we are designing a fashion line for your business, club or organization.

With all that data, I can design a t-shirt that will be worn, loved and cherished. After all, if it never gets seen, how can it spread your message.

Before each project, I do require payment for the design work. After the design approval, I will provide you a quote to do the printing or get quotes if the job requires a special printer. The design fee never obligates you to use printing services from a specific vendor and I will transmit the files to whoever you want to print the job.