Customized Convention Shirts, Bags and Buttons.

Here we have Jill, she’s attending a NYC pet show (not really but let’s go with that example). Anyway, she paid $200 to attend and, instead of a cheap paper name tag, she is given a button with her name, her dog’s name (spot) and a picture of the cute little fella. How bonded is Jill to this show!

And it doesn’t stop there. Instead of schlepping around with a cheesy plastic bag provided by a sponsor, she gets a real canvas tote with … her name, her dog’s name (spot – if you forgot) and a picture of the cute little fella.

Since this is a two day show, what do you think she is likely to wear on day two? Well, the custom show shirt she was given with  … her name, her dog’s (you must remember it by now) and a picture of the cute little pup.

Are you an event planner, the director of an event or a coordinator of a trade-show, event or conference?

Do you feel there would be value in upgrading what you give your attendees?
If so, email or call to find out how mass-customization can help with repeat attendance.
Till then, here’s some more info.

We’re all individuals!
With Direct Printing, you get mass customization – each person gets customized text, names, numbers and pictures on their shirt.

While prices change, here is an idea to help you decide if Direct Printing is right for you.
Start with one side printing – Front or Back – Full Color or just one color ink,
Each print includes individual name, number (or text) and photo,
Cotton or Performance Wicking shirts (50% polyester), most any color of shirt.

Customization is best for more than one shirt, but people ask so … one shirt ($47.99)
Five shirts are $29.99 each and as low as $24.99 at 20+.

Add $5 per shirt for the second side (again full color).
Add $5 for 100% polyester wicking performance fabric.
No set-up charges!

Personalized Buttons are $3 each for standard and $4 each for jumbo.
Personalized Canvas Bags start at $24 for quantities of 20+

Shipping charges are FREE! Unless you want express.
Graphic Design help is free for simple designs.
(And yes, I’ll decide what “simple” is).
Otherwise, Graphic Design is $130 per design.