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Demand for Graphics Artists

Demand is not always "demand". Sometimes it's fake. Right now there is "demand" for software developers, anyone with a STEM (scientific, technical, engineering or mathematics) degree, writers, graphic artists, cashiers and nurses. ... Oh really. Ask anyone with these skills and you'll see just the opposite - they can't get jobs. Why? Once upon a time ... I walked into a store to buy some stuff. The manager waited on me and started ringing up the sale. I asked how he was doing. He told me he was having a hard time getting cashiers - cashiers were really in demand…
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Press Releases

    Click on the release to enlarge, and read it. A good quality newspaper will never publish a release word-for-word. Yet my release was published as written.           SelectedPressReleases  You can download this PDF with selected press releases and a newsletter covering a non-profit.    
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  The challenge with any corporate newsletter is to get the employees to read it. But how? The idea I came up with was to have a SECOND reason for the reader to look at the newsletter. So ... I printed light cyan fold lines on the reverse side. Making the newsletter fun, with a paper airplane pattern. With over 150 paper airplane designs, it would take 10 years before a pattern would repeat. And this does not factor in origami designs. This was a mock-up for a client.
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